Natural Wood Wine Barrel Candle Holder

Symbolic of strength and wisdom, the oak wood that this elongated candle holder is carved from has long been known to withstand the test of time. We used real wine barrels to craft these arched tealight holders, therefore each and every piece is exquisitely unique. This is the kind of home décor wine connoisseurs cherish!

With the wood completely in its natural state, this candle holder offers charming touches of rustic appeal inspired by real Napa Valley vineyards. Bring the romantic allure of your favorite winery home with a candle holder cut from barrels once used to age flavorful wine varieties such as Chardonnay, Syrah, Zinfandel and more.

The gentle arch of the wine barrel gives the wooden tealight holder an elegant shape, making it quite the sophisticated selection for decorating wine cellars, dinner tables, bar tops, and romantic restaurants. Insert tealights to enjoy dinner by candlelight with your favorite winos, or give your entertaining headquarters a hint of accent lighting when hosting friends and family.

This wine barrel wood candle holder features 3 slots perfectly sized for tealight candles (traditional or LED).