Black Manzanita Jewelry Tree
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Black Manzanita Jewelry Tree

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Have you ever noticed that when you put your jewelry in a closed jewelry box, you tend to wear the same pieces over and over again, forgetting about the rest? That won’t happen when you use our elegant Black Summer Night Jewelry Tree! All of your jewelry will be within easy reach, so you can select the perfect piece for the perfect outfit. 

The Black Summer Night Jewelry Tree by Enticing Trees is a stylish, unique way to organize and display your jewelry. It's 100% handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, made with 100% Natural Manzanita wood with a black base accented by white rocks. Due to the unique nature of the wood itself, no two trees will ever look alike.

Want something even more unique? This natural jewelry tree is fully customizable, including color, style, size. Contact us here for an item that's completely unique to you.

The product uses the following materials:

  • All black manzanita tree
  • Black Base w/ flower shaped mirror decoration
  • White rocks

Product Dimensions (W x H):

  • 6 x 22
  • 9 x 25 (with packaging)


  • 1lbs 9 oz 
  • 4lbs (with packaging)

This item ships in a custom box.