Your Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

Tako Agency | 11 December, 2020

            Your Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

‘Tis the season to be jolly! That is...unless the holidays are drawing dangerously near and you’re still stumped on what to get the wine enthusiast in your life. (panic-sweating)  

Last minute holiday shopping is never fun, and it’s even more stressful if you want to find theperfectaccessory for vino-loving friends and family, but know absolutely zero about wine. Don’t we all fear gifting secretly-unwanted-dust-collectors or tacky things the recipient won’t like?

Fear not! Much like Santa himself, we’ve arrived with a gift for you--a short how-to guide for picking gifts for people who love wine, as well as eleven wine accessory suggestions, to get you started. 

How to choose gifts for wine lovers


Tips for Picking a Gift for Wine Lovers 

We could just spoon-feed you a list of wine-related items, but we know you ultimately want your gift to come fromyour heart,not ours. To that end, here are some tips for picking gifts for wine lovers on your own (even if you’re not a wine connoisseur). 

Make It Personal

Personalization is the quickest way to make the statement:This is one-of-a-kind, just for you. 

Personalization might mean selecting wine glass charms in the shape of your mom’s initials, engraving a silver ice bucket with your fiance’s favourite quote (don’t forget the champagne!) or--if you really want to go all out--commission a totally unique gift, made of reclaimed wood. 

Don’t Purchase by Price 

Repeat after us:More is not more.

The world of wine is often synonymized with exceptionally lavish preferences--but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck on budget-friendly choices! The key is to emphasizefunction.Yes, depending on the recipient, you’ll want it to look a little snazzy too, but some of the best gifts for wine lovers will just plain do a job well. Think: an electric corkscrew, an inexpensive metal ice bucket, or nice, heavy bottle toppers.

Consider Their Other Interests

Wine is all aboutpairing,so when thinking about what paraphernalia your wine-loving gift recipient might enjoy, think about other things they’re keen on that would go great with a nice bottle of wine--like tickets to an outdoor concert or movie screening.

Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

Handmade Wooden Wine Racks

Those of us not lucky enough to have wine cellars in our homes must often relegate our bottles to that one spot on the counter--anywhere they’ll fit. No more! With this unique, handmade, customizablewooden wine rack, bottles and glasses become part of the decorative aesthetic of the home. 

A Set of Crystal Wine Glasses 

Fine wine and crystal glasses are a match made in heaven. A stunning set of crystal glasses are an ideal holiday gift for a party host or hostess, or as a joint gift for a couple to use on special occasions, like an anniversary.

What’s the difference between crystal and the cheap stuff, you may ask? Crystal wine glasses are stronger, so they can be made into thinner, more elegant designs. A crystal wine glass has a glossier finish and although it doesn’t affect the flavor of the wine, itcan enhance the color. If you’re trying to make an impression, crystal is the way to go.

Wine and Cheese Tote Bag 

Another great gift for couples--or for anyone who loves a good al fresco dining experience! Awine and cheese tote bag is a chic carrying case that allows you to store your wine, cheese, cutting boards, and utensils. Most are also insulated (like the one we’ve linked here) to keep cheese, fruits, and veggies chilled. Picnic, anyone?

Designer Wine Carafe

For the cocktail chemist and the entertainer, why not opt for a designer wine carafe? The perfect receptacle for wine among friends--or delicious homemadesangria! (Just make sure it comes with a stopper, to keep all that Spanish sweetness fresh.)

An Electric Corkscrew 

So nice, we’re mentioning it twice. The electric corkscrew wins the Most Functional Award. Abandon all that manual twisting and pulling (let’s leave the workouts in the gym, shall we?) and let the good folks atOster do the heavy lifting. 

If it’s good enough forFood & Wine, it’s good enough for us! 

Gift Cards for Wine and Cheese Tasting

OK, so this one may break our “more is not more” rule, but if you can swing it, sending friends or family away to a luxury destination to sip new wines and nibble on fancy cheeses is a surefire way to get yourself on the Nice List next year. (Depending on where they live, the ideal location could be relatively close by!)

What’s more, these kinds of cards areperfectfor the budding wine connoisseur trying to find their footing in the wonderful world of vino.

Wine and cheese

Wine Journal 

Some wine enthusiasts love to record everything about the wine that they’re tasting--aroma, acidity, sweetness, andtannin. A wine journal is the ideal gift for both male and female wine lovers and it’s suitable for beginner and expert tasters. 

Choose a leather-bound journal and have it impressed with the recipient’s name or a special message for a more personal touch.   

Sterling Silver Ice Bucket

If wine is supposed to be cold, darnit, it should becold.Sterling silver ice buckets are elegant, often customizable, (noticing a theme here?) and exceptionally useful for enthusiasts of white, rosé, and sparkling wines.  

Elegant Bottle Stoppers 

Stoppers are affordable, functional little tools--not only to keep wine fresh for a few days, but also to add a little pizzazz to the wine shelf. Design options are spectacularly endless, from fauxmarble finishes tocurious cats

Pro tip: for the recipient that drinks mostly whites, consider the height of the stopper--as they’ll likely be storing the bottle in the fridge. Exceptionally tall stoppers could make their life more complicated than a bottle of wine should dictate!

Handmade Wine Caddy

We love a good two-in-one gift. Present one or two bottles of holiday bubbles, snappy Sauvignons, or poppy Pinots in style with thiswine caddy, handmade with love from all-natural oak wood. (One of the most durable woods on the planet!)

Oak Bottle Infuser 

For the DIY wine lover on your list, check out theOak Bottle--”an American oak cask charred inside to a Level 3 that enables you to add your own signature barrel finish to spirits or wine quickly and easily.” How’sthatfor customization?

Gifts for wine lovers

If we’ve done our job right, you’re breathing a little easier right about now. Just keep in mind--a good gift is personal, pairable, and doesn’t have to be pricey! Sound off in the comments below with your favorite gifts for wine lovers.