Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Enticing Trees | 20 November, 2019

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The holidays are nearly upon us, and that means winter wonderlands, baked goods galore, and—gifts!

Buying gifts for your loved ones can be a difficult task, because sometimes you can’t find what you’re looking for—or don’t even know what you want to be looking for in the first place!

How do you find a special gift for a special someone amongst all the mass-produced items flooding our shelves? Buying presents for important people also comes with its fair share of pressure, and givers can sometimes be left feeling like they didn’t put enough thought into their gifts.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to explore other avenues.

handmade gift ideas for the holidays

Instead of plucking something generic off the shelf, why not consider a handmade gift this year? No, we’re not talking about macaroni necklaces!

There is something so romantic about taking the time, planning, and effort to create something from nothing. It shows that you really care about the recipient. It’s heartwarming to receive a gift made specifically for you—totally one of a kind, just like you.

Creating a handmade gift is also an opportunity to tap into your creativity. However, if you’re shaking your head at yourlackof creativity, don’t fret—it doesn’t necessarily have to beyourhands that make the gift! Handmade gifts created by other craftsmen are just as appreciated, because they are still unique and special. In addition, your purchase supports small businesses and creatives!

So what can you create, or have made on your behalf, to show how much you care? Find out why handmade gifts are romantic and special & how you can make your own unique presents.


Why are Handmade Gifts Special?

It takes time, patience, planning, and effort to make a gift. Think about the last time you attempted to make something. First you had to decide what you’d like to make. Then you had to gather all the materials, which probably involved a trip to at least one store, maybe more. Then you had to set aside the time to sit down and create it, and who knows how long that could be! Whether the gift is made by your hands or someone else’s, the level of thought that went into it will be evident.

The intricate detail and thought that goes into making presents attaches a unique sentimental value. The recipient will feel loved and appreciated, knowing how much effort you put into it. They’re sure to think fondly of you every time they see it.

handmade gifts for christmas

Quality of Handmade Gifts

Sometimes mass-produced gifts aren’t of the best quality because they’re assembled by machines and constructed of low-grade materials. On the contrary, high-quality handmade gifts are usually built with the finest materials and made to last.

The time it takes to make handmade gifts also caters to quality. Some gifts may need fine detailing that can only be produced by a steady hand or high-grade equipment. Items such as handmade clothing, paintings, and woodwork require intricacy and skill.

If you possess neither, source artists or artisans that specialize in making the type of item you want. You can still give your loved ones personalized handmade gifts that are of the highest quality. Check out a site like etsy.com for inspiration.

To top it all off, handmade gifts are also (usually) packaged beautifully, to boost the charm and enhance the experience. No boring plastic blister packaging here!


Handmade Gifts Are Customizable & Utterly Unique

Another advantage of handmade gifts is that you can often customize them to suit your loved one’s hobbies, fandoms, or sports teams. Even something as simple as a monogram can elevate the usual to the elegant.

Examples include:

  • Sports jerseys with the recipient’s name and team
  • Monogrammed Egyptian cotton spa-worthy bathrobe
  • Painted portrait of your loved one in their best moment
  • Hand-painted Christmas ornament featuring a portrait of the recipient’s pet

 As a result, these gifts are guaranteed to be one of a kind. No one will have the exact same one, which makes it all the more meaningful.


3 Handmade Gift Ideas

1. Quilt with Album or Book Cover Art

Quilts can be both beautiful (hung as a display) and functional (keeping you cozy and warm on movie nights!). For the modern era, though, they can seem a tad…well, outdated.

But what if you could make a quilt featuring the recipient’s favorite music album art or book covers? This isn’t the world’s quickest project, as you’ll have to source all the pictures and print them onto pieces of material, but the end result will be worth it. This is an excellent gift for those who enjoyed putting posters up on their walls as a teen.

Stick to a color theme to make the piece cohesive. For inspiration, look at the layout of some famous Instagram accounts. The grid format mimics the grid style used in quilting. Here's a good example by Social Report.

handmade wooden gifts

Once you have all the pictures, find a reputable printing company that will transfer the images onto the material of your choice. Opt for square or rectangular images to make it easier to sew the patches together. Check out these handy quilting tutorials if you’re brand new to the craft.

All that’s left to do is package your work of art and present it to the lucky recipient. Now they can hang it as a display feature, or snuggle up with it and think of you.


2. Reclaimed or Natural Wood Items

Wood is one of the world’s most versatile materials, and a beautiful piece of wooden art or accessory can complement virtually any interior design. The uniqueness factor is high too, as no two pieces of wood are the same!

The challenge comes with the tools required to create something stunning out of wood. Planers? Grinders? Circular saws? (Yikes.)

Most people don’t have the skills or the equipment to create what they’re envisioning, so this might be one worth outsourcing.

If your recipient is a big time baker, just think about how jaw-dropping her next creation will look on this cake stand?

handmade wooden items for gifts wooden cake stand

This gently arching candle holder, handmade from a wine barrel, can slot in virtually anywhere for an elegant touch.

oak barrel candle holder wooden candle holders

Of course, we can create something completely new and unique for you. Just drop us a line or give us a call here.


3. Artisanal Butters

Here’s a final idea that’s both super easy to execute (perfect for those less crafty) and sure to be appreciated by virtually anyone! Who doesn’t love butter, right?

These homemade flavored butters are the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, or the minimalist who would prefer consumable gifts instead of more “stuff.” You could even whip up a large batch at the beginning of the holiday season and keep it on hand in the fridge as last-minute gifts…you know, in case you forget someone.

handmade gifts for christmas

Photo by Taste of Home

Here are a few fantastic starter recipes from Taste of Home. Choose three or four, and get cracking! Just make sure to use high-quality butter to start with.

Package them up in small sterilized glass jars, and affix a custom label to the top. If you want to get really fancy, you can add a ribbon.


Happy Handmaking!

Do you want your gift to have a lasting impression on your loved one? If you’re going to show people how much you love them, give a handmade gift to really tug on their heartstrings.

There are only a few short weeks left until Christmas. If you want to spread the joy this festive season, it’s time to get to work!