9 Ways To Give Your Home A Rustic Cabin Vibe

Emma Cloutier | 05 November, 2021

            9 Ways To Give Your Home A Rustic Cabin Vibe

There’s something so cozy and peaceful about a cabin getaway. (Especially as the weather cools down!) If you find yourself dreaming about rustic vacations, why not bring that vibe into your own home? Here are some of the best ways to give your home the woodsy cabin vibe you’re looking for, no matter where you live. 

Use An Earthy Color Palette

When choosing a color scheme for your space, you can use rich earth tones to immediately make things feel a little more cabin-in-the-woods. Look for shades like deep green, brown, and even maroon; not only do these colors feel inherently cozy and welcoming, they also look great with wood fixtures. If you want to soften things up, balance that heavier palette with touches of white or cream. After all, you’re creating a cabin, not a cave! 

Add Reclaimed Wood Pieces

Even if you aren’t prepared to overhaul your floors and walls with wood and paneling, adding unique reclaimed wood pieces can help to ground your space in nature. Reclaimed wood is environmentally sustainable, super versatile (lamps, tables, trays--the list goes on!) and adds organic elegance to any home.

Play Around With Textures

Mixing textures in your interior design is a great way to make any space feel a bit more cozy and welcoming. Chunky knit blankets, throw pillows, and rugs can create an effortlessly soft juxtaposition with the rugged features of the classic cabin.

Look for chic but understated patterns--like plaid or chevron--to add a bit of visual interest. For the ultimate comfy look, you can even add faux fur to your space. It’s okay if things don’t match perfectly--one of the best things about cabin-chic decor is its casual, easy-going vibe.

Use Artwork With Natural Themes

The art that you use throughout your space can make a big difference! (Power of suggestion and all that.) Look for artwork with natural themes--animals and rustic landscapes, perhaps? 

Create Earthy Centerpieces

It’s all in the details when it comes to making your home feel more like a cabin. Creating a homey centerpiece for your dining room table or bookshelf is an effective way to show off your woodsy style. 

Start with some understated fall or winter plants as an alternative to traditional flowers, and then finish things off with candles to bring in a warm glow. Use scented candles to accentuate the cabin feel. Aromas of pine, cedarwood, amber, and sage are an effective way to set the mood. 

Incorporate Leather Furniture

Leather is a prominent theme in many traditional rustic cabins. Not only does leather furniture look great with wood, but it brings luxe appeal to the more casual, rustic elements of cabin decor. What’s more, leather furniture is super durable and can serve as a great investment piece for your home. 

Add A Fireplace

To really commit to cabin-chic decor, consider adding a fireplace to your home. Fireplaces are both aesthetically beautiful and functional!

There are many ways to add a fireplace to your home. If you aren’t up to taking on a full remodel, there are free-standing fireplaces and wood-burning stoves that are easier to install. For even more authenticity, keep a pile of logs nearby. 

Install Wainscoting 

Adding wood wainscoting to your space is fairly easy to do, but has a huge impact. You’ll often see wainscoting in traditional cabins, and the best part is, you can install it in any room in your home!

Complement Wood With Rustic Metals

Your indoor natural wonderland will be perfectly accented by a little chic industrial detail. Dark metals or coppers complement woodsy decor particularly well. Distressed metal light fixtures or brass-accented shelving may be just the ticket.

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