7 Handmade Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Sentimental Vibe

Tako Agency | 16 July, 2021

            7 Handmade Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Sentimental Vibe

So you want to decorate your home. Sure, you could swing into your local Target and pick up those very trendy, very reasonably priced--and also very mass-produced--odds and ends. But where’s the fun in that? 

We’re partial to unique decor items, handmade with care. Not only do handmade accents add a beautiful, intentional vibe to your space--they also allow for much better personalization than you can add to a shopping cart. 

If you’re looking to decorate your home with pieces that are handmade and unique to you, look no further. Here are 7 handmade decor ideas (that you can shop or create) sure to make your space feel special. 


Barrel Stave Wine Rack Enticing Trees

Barrel Stave Wine Rack

OK, yes, we’re tooting our own horn here, but we fancy ourselves experts in thoughtful, handcrafted home decor so it only feels appropriate! This 100% handcrafted wine rack is made of repurposed solid oak and can be customized for you or a loved one. It’s designed to hold three standard 750mL bottles of your most prized vino and 6 glasses.


Side Table Made of Books 

Running out of room on your bookshelf and feeling a little crafty? Try your hand at a bookish side table! Keep it simple with a brightly colored stack, a la this tutorial or go all the way and fit it with a wooden top.

For the latter, you’ll need: 

To assemble: cut your trim (or have it cut) to form a frame that fits tightly around the top book in your stack and glue the frame to the bottom of the table top. Using wood glue, affix a dowel* to the underside of the table top and allow to dry completely. Meanwhile, drill a hole the size of the dowel through the center of all the other books and stack them so the holes align, then slide the dowel (connected to the table top) through the books and position them however you like. Voila! A functional conversation piece.

Pro tip: To keep things sturdy, make sure your books are all close to the same size and that your table top doesn’t have more than a couple of inches of overhang on all sides.

*The size of the dowel will depend on the size of the table top and books you’re using.


Manzanita Jewelry Tree Enticing Trees

Black Manzanita Jewelry Tree

This handcrafted, multifunctional jewelry tree can serve as an organic piece of decor, as well as a jewelry holder for your most treasured gems. Made with 100% Natural Manzanita wood, no two trees will look alike, making this item all the more special. Personalize the color, style, and size 'til your heart's content!


Large Rustic Farmhouse Sign 

Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or you're looking to enhance your current space, this sign can do just that. Many merchants will customize these rustic signs to the size, wood types, quote, and style of your choosing. Interested in commissioning a custom sign, handmade with care by us? Drop us a line!


Custom Quilt

Custom Quilts 

Custom quilts handmade-to-order can be pricey, but their sentiment, function, and longevity more than make up for the cost. Whether you’re treating yourself to some cozy decor or having a special gift made for a loved one, this one takes the cake for unique.

Photo: StephanieStitchesInc


Charcuterie Board 

For the armchair chefs and entertainment whizzes out there--this one’s for you. Not only is this customizable bamboo charcuterie board a beautiful addition to your home--it’s the perfect housewarming or wedding gift as well. Inscribe with a favorite quote, a significant date, a name...the options are endless! 


Custom Candle

Custom Candles

From the scent to their styling, custom candles are beautiful little multitaskers. Depending on the merchant you choose, they may create custom scents using unique mixtures of essential oils, or even provide personalized options for jar size and color, labels, and more.

Sure, you can walk into your local home goods store and find something stylish and aromatic. But a custom candle holds sentimental value you can’t find just anywhere


Here’s wishing you a warm and happy home, brimming with unique, handmade treasures!