7 Gifts for the Nature Lover in Your Life

Tako Agency | 30 July, 2021

            7 Gifts for the Nature Lover in Your Life

Spending much-needed time in the great outdoors is a gift in and of itself. Packing up for a day, a weekend, or a week and surrendering to Mother Earth is all a nature lover could ever want. 

But if you can’t get out on the road less traveled, how do you capture the feeling in a gift bag?

Truth be told, you can’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give the gift of something special to your nature-loving friends and family. Sure, you can’t box up the Redwoods but you can get pretty close. Sound enticing? (heh)

Here are some of the items we’re giving our favorite nature gurus. From thoughtful pieces to travel must-haves, there is something on this list for everyone. 

Gold Manzanita Jewelry Tree, Enticing Trees 

OK, yeah, it’s not a Redwood, but it’s a tree! This Gold Manzanita Jewelry Tree is the perfect touch of nature and promotes organization. (Score!) It’s handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, made with 100% natural Manzanita wood.

Types of Wood Sign, Etsy 

In keeping with the wood theme (it is kind of our thing, after all)--this chart is a perfect conversation starter. Any nature lover would appreciate this, knowing they could drop some serious knowledge on their companions on their next hike. From Maple to Balsa, Fir to Purpleheart, you can learn about the different woods with just one quick glance. 

Cairn Subscription Box

If you consider yourself a sub-par gift-giver, look no further than the Cairn subscription box. This monthly subscription box (which can also be paid quarterly) offers a peek into so many accessories, food, and apparel that go hand-in-hand with the lifestyle of an avid nature goer. As a gift, start them off with a single month subscription  to see how they like it. This expertly crafted and curated box will allow them to sample new things and broaden their horizons--and they’ll only have you to thank. 

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Base Camper Cookset

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the avid camper, this is it. Even perfect for a daytrip that requires cooking up a quick lunch in the outdoors, this compact cookset serves up some serious heat. Easy to clean and extremely durable, each dish stacks on top of the other so it won’t take up too much space--a huge plus for those traveling, camping, and hiking with their gear. 

This set includes one5-liter pot, 3-liter pot, 9-inch frypan, 2 lids, a cutting board, pot gripper, and a storage sack.

Patagonia BlackHole® Bags

The BlackHole® Bags are cool for a few reasons. The massive duffels and space-saving cubes are perfect for traveling in the great outdoors, thanks to Patagonia’s trademark--consistently making products that are weather-defiant, durable, and intended to sustain many lives in nature...which brings us to our next point: these bags are made from repurposed Patagonia fabrics! 

National Geographic Subscription 

Because we love an easy yet thoughtful gift, we’re jazzed on this. A subscription to National Geographic is a way to feed a nature lover, giving them a bound compilation of small bites from all over the world. A print and digital subscription is only $24 a year and they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness each month when the mail comes. 

ENO Doublenest Hammock

This ENO Doublenest Hammock is the perfect gift, offering simple relaxation to any nature lover. Perfect for long camping trips or an afternoon in the park, there’s no doubt they’ll enjoy curling up with a good book and the sounds of the birds in this thing. This hammock can hold up to 400lbs, and has a sturdy, yet breathable, fabrication. 

Looking for something totally unique? We do commissions! Contact us with your ideas and we’ll make them a reality.