15 Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts with Heart

Tako Agency | 30 April, 2021

            15 Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts with Heart

Another title for this blog post might be: Mother’s Day Gifts She Can Actually Use, because that matters too! We are all about beauty meeting functionality, friends. 

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the many (and we mean many) listicles that attempt to outline the PERFECT Mother’s Day gifts--insisting that your recipient will just love that overpriced charcuterie board or jewelry designed uniquely for her. Don’t get us wrong--we ain’t mad at cheese or jewelry--but there’s more to the holiday than breaking the bank for the lady who loves ya.  

This Mother’s Day, we’re feeling a little nostalgic. (Maybe we’re sentimental, maybe it’s COVID-19.) Parts of us yearn for the days when you could make a card and bedazzle it with glitter and hearts in hopes that mom will tout your artistic brilliance to all of her friends. What if we could bring those warm fuzzies back, but in a more...grown up way, while also saving a little moolah? 

Today, we’re on a mission to make Mother’s Day a bit more special with a compilation of truly thoughtful gifts. Some you can make, some you can buy, but all come from the heart. 

Disclaimer: we know that not all motherhood roles look the same. That’s why this list is intended to honor the Mother figure in your life, whether it be your sister, aunt, grandma, friend, teacher, colleague, or neighbor. 

Plan a night in with her favorite people

This is an especially good gift if her love language is Quality Time. Give the gift of a night in with her favorite people (with the key being that she doesn’t have to plan a thing or lift a finger). Keep it simple (games, snacks, and drinks) or take it up a notch with a little potluck dinner party, with each guest contributing a course and dressing up for the occasion. To do something really fun (without a ton of extra effort) grab a murder mystery kit, which comes with virtually everything you’ll need. It’s like planning one of those middle school parties mom might have planned for you, but all grown up! 

Make a custom greeting card

Yeah, yeah, Target has plenty of Mother’s Day cards full of sticky sweet sentimentalities and ironic wine puns, but you’re never too old to give her something homemade! Pull out the craft bin and make your mom a card that’s inarguably unique and totally her. If you’re short on supplies, hit up your local dollar store.

Make a coffee mug

This gift is both thoughtful and useful if your mom is someone who loves a morning cup of java. Get creative at your local ceramics studio and paint your own, or opt for the modern-day version of a cheesy picture mug. Etsy offers a wealth of fun, trendy options, such as this one dedicated to her furkid, a customizable “Momma Bear” option, or even a caricature style mug. Capture a favorite memory (or your face?) and she can savor it every morning.

Crochet, knit, embroider, or sew something she’ll cherish 

If you’ve got the skills, flaunt them. Piecing together something that she can say no one else has is pretty cool--and rewarding for you, too! If you’re new to this arena, YouTube has plenty of tutorials to get you started. In no time at all, you’ll be whipping up a hat, scarf, or blanket she can’t wait to use. 


Help with home improvement 

When mom is super busy, home improvements can tumble to the bottom of her priority list--but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want them done! If you consider yourself handy, why not help her with some projects?

Give her a day off

What gift is simultaneously free and extremely generous? This one right here. If your mom has been putting in work lately, give her the day off. Send her shopping or out to do her favorite activities while you help with things around the house or run errands for her. 

Cook her favorite meal

Dust off your cookbooks! (Er, bookmarked food blogs.) Nothing says I appreciate you quite like a lovingly prepared meal. Try to cook up her favorite dish or surprise her by replicating a special meal she’s made for you. Go the extra mile with an appetizer and dessert course in addition to the entree, and maybe even a fancy cocktail (or mocktail) to start!

Secretly snag something off her wishlist 

This one might require some investigative work. Find out what’s been sitting on her wishlist for too long -- something she wants, but perhaps wouldn’t buy for herself -- and purchase it for her if you’re able to. She’ll love the kind gesture, and the fact that she didn’t have to splurge on it herself.

Give long-lasting florals or seeds for her garden

There’s no shame in the flower game. Who doesn’t love a freshly picked bouquet of stunning, aromatic florals? Maybe even better--make it last a little longer with seeds she can plant and enjoy for months to come. If she’s more of the...well, black thumbed type, consider an easy-to-care-for blooming houseplant that'll last months beyond a fresh bouquet.

Mom and Son

Make (or buy) her favorite scented candle

We love a double-duty gift: thoughtful and useful. Does mom miss the smell of the ocean in her hometown or love the sweet aroma of gardenias in spring? Capture it in a candle! You can make eco-friendly candles at home with soy-based wax and essential oils, or splurge on something a bit fancier, like a Homesick candle that’s sure to evoke some memories. 

To accompany, perhaps a handcrafted natural wood candle holder, made from old wine barrels?

Produce a home video montage or letter book 

Speaking of nostalgia! How much do we love sifting through home videos? If that’s you, compile all the special moments of you and your mom from different videos into one for a sentimental tribute. If that’s too intense,  round up family members (and friends) to create a book of notes letting her know how much she means to them. 

Create an at-home spa day (or buy her one)

Pull out all the stops and pamper her into a state of blissful relaxation. Cut the cucumbers, prep the bubbly, and help her relax in the comfort of her own home. AARP, of all things, is on the ball with some great suggestions for a DIY spa night. If you think she’d prefer the works, you can always spring for a spa day complete with massages, mimosas, and more!  

Buy her something she needs for her hobby 

If your mom loves her hobbies, she’ll appreciate a gift that complements that. Whether it’s an online class, supplies, or an upgrade to her current equipment, snag something that can make her better at her interests. This gift is not only useful but it also shows that you pay attention to what she likes to do. Cue: thoughtfulness.

Make a custom puzzle

Upload your favorite pic of you together or round up the whole family for a new one. Then, upload it to Shutterfly to get a puzzle made for her. She’ll have loads of fun putting it together and will be overjoyed with the finished product. 

Donate to her favorite cause

One of the best ways to say “I love you” is to say “I care about the things you care about.” Whether mom is passionate about animal sanctuaries, humanitarian efforts, or political change, find an organization (or a few!) to donate to in her name and then print off or hand-make certificates explaining the donation(s).

Mother's Day  

No matter what you gift for Mother’s Day, we hope we’ve givenyousome inspo for how to do it from the heart.